Saturday, 23 August 2014

Repurposing sale only 2 weeks out!

Our groups in Room 3 have been working hard on their repurposing projects. Each company are making their own presentation about what they are going to make and how much it will cost. Thier aim is to make the greatest profit possible. They are not allowed to use new things and almost all of the materials must be recycled.

Statistics and graphs

Room 3 have been learning to use the Numbers software to help us graph our information for repurposing. It helps each group get a great visual picture of how they are going to make a profit for market day.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ellie's pick a path

Weekend word problem

Pack ‘n’ Save Hawera want to build a new car park that holds 5325 cars. If the planner decided that each level should hold 215 cars. How many levels should the car park be? Why?

 Mr Spice needs 1.6 metres of wool for each child’s repurposing project. There are 61 children going on the trip – how much wool does Mr Spice need to buy?

 During Matariki each student needs 3.25m pieces of flax each to use for weaving. There are 64 children – how much flax do we need?

 For a fundraiser, Room 3 has 968 packets of gingerbread cookies to sell. There are 27 children in the class. How many packets of cookies does each child need to sell?