Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Grace's Story

Mum can I  "help" yes" said mum. Can you please get the sugar. Mum what are we making? Mum said if we get the shapes  she will tell us yummy gingerbread men

Mum said I could roll the Dough. Me and my sister pressed the shapes into the Dough. Mum put the gingerbread into the oven and asked me “could you time them on my phone?”

While we waited. Me mum and my sister played memory. I won! Beep Beep! Went my phone.

“Mum! The gingerbread men are ready" the smell of the gingerbread men was delicious
Mum said we have got to let them cool.

We made some custard and we got some ice-cream and ate it yummy I licked my lips.