• Blogging:

  • Blogs are in a public space, be proud of anything that you write or post.
  • Always write in full sentences and words.
  • Always check your spelling and sentences before you publish a comment or post. If you are publishing a post make sure you get a teacher to check it as well.
  • Only use first names when writing.
  • Never write any of your personal information, e.g. your phone number or address.
  • Report any silly comments to a teacher straight away.
  • Always ask permission before posting a photo.
  • Always use capital letters in the title
  • It is important that our writing makes sense
  • Try to make your writing interesting for the reader
  • One space after each word
  • Use capital letters, Full stops and good punctuation
  • Use Capitals letters for names, places, countries and cities.
  • Punctuation goes directly after the last letter followed by a space
  • Use paragraphs in your writing
  • Correct any spelling mistakes which have red lines under them
  • When you have finished edit and read your work back
  • Remember you have a worldwide audience – keep it positive and do your best
  • Always add a picture to support your writing
  • Make sure pictures are a good size (Large or 2 mediums)
  • Always add a category to your Post
  • Get the teacher to check your work before publishing it

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