Expectations for Room 2
The students in Room 3 will talk about showing the school value of 'responsibility' with their homework each night.
Homework will vary depending on the students needs.
1) Finish 25 basic facts questions (some students will have less or more depending on the week)
2) Read their book for 20 minutes. (Reading to and with a parent would be even better!)
3) Learn and practice 10 spelling words with a parent (5 from Monday and Tuesday and 5 for Wednesday and Thursday)
4) Bring their book to school the next day with their parent signature to show they have seen it.
5) Homework will change later on to include more involved activities for students.
We encourage  responsibility in room 3 and there are consequences for students not doing homework  or forgetting books the next day.

Having students do their homework with you is encouraged and better for them.
Make sure you check and sign their books.
They are tested on their spelling twice a week Wednesdays and Fridays.
My email is bspice@aurora.school.nz for further questions or if they forget their book and you know they have done their work.

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