Friday, 28 February 2014

Weekend WORD problem

1) Finn has 66 lollipops to share with 6 people. How many lollipops do they each get?

2) Braith has 18 lollies – he eats one third – how many does he eat? 
    Jos has 24 lollies – he eats three quarters of them – how many does he eat? 
    Lexi has 25 lollies – she eats two fifths of them – how many does she eat? 

    Who ate the most lollies?

Jade is making some skipping ropes for the sports shed. She has 48 metres of rope. Each skipping rope needs to be 2.5m long. How many skipping ropes will she be able to make?

Mathletics now activated.

This week we started our Mathletics and Lexia activities using the iPads and computers. This is a great chance for the students to work outside the standard text books with a more interactive approach to learning. Students are encouraged to use it at home as well!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Athletics story

Get ready! Walking onto the starting line, my nerves crept higher and higher. My legs were shaking, my mouth was chomping. I was anxious to get this over but my fear would never leave. I turned into statue mode. I was still. A fresh feeling filled up inside of me as I took my final breath. Looking at my opponents I thought "I am never going to win".

 "On your marks, get set GO!" Mr Tai screeched. The gun light up with a "BANG" and so did I. Whoosh! I bounded off the starting line. The wind pushed against my energetic body,the tiny prickles covered my naked feet. My red eyes burned as they studied on one thing the finish line. Speeding past everyone made me feel like a free spirit... until I paused suddenly at the last minute to take a mid air breath. My enemies flew past that left me...

 A surprising 4th place "Thats amazing!" I thought. I got my shiny reward in a breathless manner. The wind suddenly slowed to a stop, silence loomed the area. Slowly tumbling onto a soft blanket of grass, I was out with the lights.

 by Lexi

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Athletics action

Room 3 are currently training hard for swimming and athletics. We are using this opportunity to help build tension, capture a moment and action in our recount writing. Here are some action shots that we will be writing about. Stay tuned to our blog for some fantastic stories!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Symbolic art

Our stencil artwork that focuses on inference and hidden meaning is almost complete. The back wall of our classroom is starting to look really colourful. Here is a picture to admire!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Weekend word problem

20 students came to school on Monday morning. 1/4 forgot their swimming gear. How many students did not go swimming on Monday?

 12 students forgot to do their homework on Tuesday. 2/3 of them forgot to do their Maths and the rest forgot their spelling. How many students forgot their spelling?

 20 students from Room played outside on a hot day. 3/5 of them did not wear sunscreen and got burnt. How many students were sunburnt?

Learning with Comic life

Today some girls in Room 3 scripted and recorded an instructional video on how to make a personalised name badge in Comic life 3. Here is the recording and they hope you enjoy it!

Please leave a comment if you found this video helpful

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Personalised name badges

Tomorrow Room 3 are going to start on our personalised name badges. Here is a quick introduction to what we are going to do.

Step 1: Open up a blank comic life page and select lettering. Type in your text and choose the style you want from the left hand column.
Step 2: Open up the inspector tab and select the fill option.

Step 3: Select image and click on the square below. Scroll down and select choose.
Step 4: Find the picture on your computer you want to personalise the lettering with and it will appear in your text.
Step 5: Change the scale to fit option to stretch and there you have it. Your own personalised lettering!


Wednesday, 19 February 2014


We have our first picture on the wall using our comic life stencils. The girls put a Dolphin and umbrella together and made it symbolise an un-natural environment for animals. Their message was don't take animals out of their natural environment. Well done girls!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Names and faces finished

The students have completed our first art projects of photo mosaics and name tags. We are going to use another app to link them to videos about ourselves. Stay tuned for some ''how to'' videos on the use of technology in our class.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Art update

Room 3 continued our street art stencils and investigating symbolism. After we made and cut out our stencils, we had to spray over top with paint and draw a boarder around the outside.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

How to make street art stencils using comic life

Step 1:
Find a picture that you want to turn into a stencil on the internet.
Step 2:
Copy the picture and paste it into a blank comic life page.
Step 3:
Under styles in the left hand column, scroll down and choose black and white. Then adjust the exposure level.

Symbolism in art

This week Room 3 are looking at symbols and how they are used in media. We talked about symbolic thinking and how some things have a second meaning. To illustrate this we looked at Banksy and street art and decided to create our own artworks using symbols and contrast. Stay tuned for the results.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Weekend word problem

Freddie had 12 lollies. He gave half to Baily and then ate half of what he had left. How many lollies did Freddie have left?

Jos planted 25 trees. A strong wind blew in and destroyed 4/5 of them. How many trees was Jos left with?

Braith cleaned 20 out of the 25 desks in the class. What fraction of the desks are still dirty?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Photo mosaics for art!

Room 3's current Art project is making our own self portraits using smaller photos of ourselves. We found a cool app that draws our picture from smaller photos. First we went around the school taking lots of photos playing, studying, showing values and using our playground. Then we took a close up picture and used the iPad app 'photo mosaica' to draw it up from the smaller photos. We printed it out and hung it on the wall. They turned out awesome and here are some examples.

Maths mania

Today during maths group one and two were finding fractions of whole numbers using multiplication and division. We found we could divide the number by the denominator (bottom number) and multiply our answer by the numerator (top number).

Monday, 10 February 2014


All three of our weekend word problems were solved by Georgia. She worked out the solutions, showed her working and collected $300 in class cash.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Weekend word problems

Solve our word problems and bring the answer to class. $100 class dollars for every correct answer! Don't forget you need to show me your working.

1) Madaline was having a birthday party … she wanted to give each person 14 lollies and she invited 5 people. How many lollies does she need to buy? 

2) Every day at school the students in Room 3 are doing 20 minutes of fitness. After 15 days how much time will they have spent doing fitness?

3) Jos was trying hard to save for his trip to Australia. Each week he puts $75 in his savings account. How much money will he have after 12 weeks?