Monday, 23 March 2015

Puppet Pals poem

Fergus and Sol have been busy making a Puppet Pals movie to show off their poem that they have been writing with Ms Nicholas. They finished it on Friday and here it is.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Preposition Poem

Room 3 have been studying prepositions for our writing and we wrote a small poem in class using as many different prepositions as we could think of. Here is one by Jackson

Across the farm.
Between the fence.
Onto the tractor.
Down the street.
Past the police.
Into the toilet.
Through the pipe.
Via the pipe.
Out into the opposite street.
Up into a tele-porter.
Towards the city.
Near a graveyard.
To the airport.
Aboard a plane.
Above the city.
Behind a jumbo-jet.
Along the country.
Within an hour.
Under the plane.
Near my doom.
Until I fall.
With a parachute.
Into a country.
Inside my car.
Following a villain.
Into the bank
Beside the police.
Into a jail.
Before waking up from a dream.

Swimming safely

Yesterday Room 4 had safe swimming lessons where we got to try on life jackets and practice some safe skills to do when we are in the water. We got to try out a huddle and link arms to paddle up and down the pool.

Hockey skills

Recently Room 4 has been learning the skills needed to play Hockey. We have practiced dribbling passing and even played a few games. Here are a few snaps of the action.