Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Explanation writing

The past couple of weeks room 2 has been working on Explanation writing. To right an Explanation you need to have a introduction and you also have to describe your topic. Then you explain something about your topic. The conclusion has to summarise the explaining of your story for an example here is Ebonys  "Germs" explanation

Our bodies are pretty awesome right? Day, after day, after day, they work really hard to fight these little invaders called germs.

Germs are actually tiny micro-organisms (living things). There are two main types of germs and they are bacteria and viruses. When people are affected by bacteria and viruses, they often have coughing, sneezing, fever, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhoea and cramping depending on what the illness is. If not treated it can get worser and worser and lead to bigger problems.

Now if I was to look for these germs I would need a microscope to see them. They are that small ( that's really small).

How do bacteria and viruses make us sick? Well they can get into our bodies through our ears, mouth, nose and of course, our skin. We can pick up germs from many different surfaces and even air and these surfaces could be: a bath mat, a remote control, beds and pillows. Maybe even a bag? A bottom of a shoe, headphone=, a drinking fountain. A phone? One of the most common places is a door handle and also a bar of soap. If you take a careful look at a screen of any device you will a least see a few germs sitting there on the screen.

How do we get rid of bacteria and viruses? Well bacteria can be treated by antibiotics from you local doctor.To get rid of viruses from your body you need to drink plenty of water, have plenty of rest and (if need) take a pain killer.

So think how often have you washed your hands today?

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

123D design

Check out this app!! This new app called 123D design allows you to create 3D designs on your own mobile device. In room2 this year I put the kids into five groups of five and they get money if they sit up or have a all round good day, but where would they keep the money once we collect it? Thats why..... Our teacher made the idea of making group money boxes and this new app is awesome and a easy way to create your design. To create our design the children would have to work as a team a sort out what jobs each job everybody was doing. Down below are some photos of the app 123D design of Jayden's groups box work in progress.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Building circuts

On Tuesday room2 done a electronic challenge and the children in Room 2 had to build circuits and complete set challenges. We got into groups of five and one group of six. Each group got a electronic board and materials they could use. If the group went up to Mr Spice and got something wrong they would get points five points deducted off them.  Each group had three challenges to complete and had a computer for each group to write up their set codes. They had two blocks to complete all the challenges and only two groups completed all of the circuit challenges. The smarticles came first that group including Jayden,Fergus,Katelyn,Zariah and Jorja. Also the team that came second concludes of Regan, Ebony, Grace Ashton, and Sol. 

The circut board

Friday, 15 April 2016

Our trip to Lake Rotakare

On Wednesday the 13th of April 12 people from Auroa Primary School including six children from our class room2 and six children from room1.

We were heading to Lake Rotakare for a school trip. We left school at 9:10am and we arrived there at 10:00am and headed to the learning classroom to have a meet and greet, we had this great chance to have this opportunity because of one of our old teachers at our school Mrs Darbeshyre is taking six months of school to go training for being a scientist and she gets to do cool stuff like finding insects and bugs and discovering new unknown species.

We were lucky enough that she was willing to take us for a trip this time. All the children that were coming including myself had to wear warm protective clothes so we were protected in the bush we also had to bring a water bottle, a head torch, lunch, rain jacket and old bag to carry all our gear in.
First when we got up to the teaching area she appointed out all the groups giving them a clipboard and our tracking tunnel cards that we had to lay out all across the section.

To accomplish putting out the tracking tunnels
we had to climb up steep hills and cross rivers
and streams. All the tracking tunnels were numbered and for every odd number we had to put rabbit meat and peanut butter as bate and for every even number we just had to put peanut butter as bate, after we had finished all our tacking tunnels we headed back to the learning centre to have lunch.

Once we had lunch we went out into the bush and tried to find a Peripatus, the Peripatus is a   velvet worm that had many legs and looks like a
 caterpillar, we split up into two even groups and we had a four by four metres to search in for the

Peripatus which is sixteen square metres we had about thirty minutes to search as we were getting later in the day. Someone screamed from the other group and I went to look what it was, it was a Peripatus since we had found one they got a box to put it in then we went back to the learning centre and we packed our bags before departing. I had a great day and enjoyed the experience.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Should we change the flag or not?

This week in Room 2 we have been working on persuasive writing and our topic is; should we change the flag or not? Each child has to choose to whether they want to change or not. They then have to convince others through their reasoning and use of emotive language. Which flag would you choose the new one? Or the old one?

The proposed new flag

The old flag