Thursday, 27 February 2014

Athletics story

Get ready! Walking onto the starting line, my nerves crept higher and higher. My legs were shaking, my mouth was chomping. I was anxious to get this over but my fear would never leave. I turned into statue mode. I was still. A fresh feeling filled up inside of me as I took my final breath. Looking at my opponents I thought "I am never going to win".

 "On your marks, get set GO!" Mr Tai screeched. The gun light up with a "BANG" and so did I. Whoosh! I bounded off the starting line. The wind pushed against my energetic body,the tiny prickles covered my naked feet. My red eyes burned as they studied on one thing the finish line. Speeding past everyone made me feel like a free spirit... until I paused suddenly at the last minute to take a mid air breath. My enemies flew past that left me...

 A surprising 4th place "Thats amazing!" I thought. I got my shiny reward in a breathless manner. The wind suddenly slowed to a stop, silence loomed the area. Slowly tumbling onto a soft blanket of grass, I was out with the lights.

 by Lexi


  1. Great story Lexi, keep up the good work. Mum

  2. What a great story Lexi. I really enjoyed all of the descriptive language that you used. I could relate to the story and started to build an image of it in my head as I was reading it. Well Done

  3. great story lexi I really liked the part when you said silence loomed the area, keep the good work up.