Monday, 3 February 2014

Day one, over and out!

Day one went so quickly in Room 3, that if you blinked you would have missed it. If you did, fear not as we have squashed it down into one short video. Here you go!


  1. I've never seen such an energetic class. I'll bet you were all really tired when you got home. What was the best part of your first day at school for 2014?

    1. The best part of the day was swimming it was so hot. The part that was my least favorite was all the tests we had to do. The camera took photos every 10 seconds to make this video. Renee room 3

  2. We got a real 'buzz' out of watching your video. You worked really hard. Your lovely brightly coloured uniforms were well suited to the theme of bees too. With every good wish for a very successful and happy learning year. Merry Beau and Students, Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland

  3. cool to get a glimpse (fly on the wall) of what goes on in class. :)

  4. We have just watched your entertaining video of a day's work in your class. We are fascinated by what is the same and what is different between and a class here in Ireland and a class in New Zealand. We really like you uniforms. They look comfortable for warm weather. We were really interested in the fact that some of you don't have to wear shoes. We wouldn't be used to that put think we would like it. It must be relaxing from 4th Class, St. Brigid's School, Greystones