Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Starry Starry night Art

Our starry night art is finished and up on the classroom wall. We used oil pastels and dye to create a night time effect. Check them out!


  1. Great artwork Room 4. I am sure your classroom looks heaps more colourful now!

  2. Hello Room 4,
    I really like your creative pictures, they are very detailed. I go to art club at lunch times and I like making pictures.
    Class 8
    Hopwood C P School, England


  3. Hello Room 4,
    I love your pictures. I like all the colours because there are a lot of colours in your pictures and colours are interesting! I also like the swirly patterns in your pictures and I think they are very calming to look at. I think they would be a good thing to have in a classroom because they are vibrant but might help you stay calm when you have been energetic!
    Class 10
    Hopwood C P School, England