Friday, 14 March 2014

Weekend word problems

Room 3 had 5 rows of 6 chairs. How many chairs were there altogether?

 Rico had to share out 15 lollies to his 3 friends. They each got the same amount. How many did each friend get?

28 children are in the class – they each bring $9 for a present for the teacher. How much money do they have for a present?

At the school assembly there are 27 rows of chairs with 33 chairs in each row. How many students can they seat in the hall? Hard At the school prize-giving,

Mr Spice had 276 chairs – he wanted to put the chairs in rows of 23 – how many rows can he make?

In the Guinness Book of World records the largest chocolate bar has 63 squares in each row with a grand total of 435 rows. How many squares of chocolate would the chocolate bar have?

The primary school are going to stay on a picnic!!!
There are 472 children at the school. Each car can take 5 children. How many cars do they need to take the whole school to the picnic?


  1. easy
    1 36
    2 5 each

  2. 30 Chairs
    Each friend got 5 lollies

  3. I have done the easy ones on my blog
    Mackennacauroa1 make sure you put the 1 in

  4. this is Jackson reader. in room 3 there are 30 chairs. I figured it out by doing by 5x6.
    Rico gave each friend 5 lollies I figured it out by counting in 5's.
    you need 95 cars for the school . I figured it out by counting in 5's to see how many cars I needed for 100 kids. then I added them all together for 400. then I counted on 5s on my fingers to figure out how many cars for 75