Monday, 26 May 2014

Can you pick the guilty one?

Who did it?
Twisted limbs covered a crumpled body, bathed in a pool of red liquid. A small sharp spike protruded from the chest of the victim.
The crowd gathered around detective Spice in anticipation. Lashing the building with whips of rain, the wind was pushing through the cracks of every door and window. Crack! A flash of lightning found its way home, painting a blue glow upon that faces of the accused. Huddling around; attention was fixed on the central figure of the group, as he was pondering his next move like a hunter baiting a trap.

''We have 3 suspects'' Detective Spice said in an authoritative voice as he broke the curtain of silence.
''Who could it be?'' a voice whispered from the sea of blank faces.
''I feel scared'' another declared.
''To think a murderer could be among this class''
''Ahem!'' Mr Spice interrupted the conjecture with an intentional cough. His face evolved towards a more serious look, being devoid of any emotion whatsoever and pausing to speak.
'' Our first suspect is....". ''Freddie the Hat''
The collection of bodies parted, with heads fixed on the corner of the darkened room. A small, shadowy, menacing figure stepped forward. Wearing a huge overcoat; that covered his entire body from his shoulders down, Freddie the hat took the image of a cold hearted gangster. He tipped the brim of his accompanying top hat, as if it was an extension of his body.  Displaying a look of incredulity, Freddie began to speak in a gruff, and thick New York accent.
"Not my style see". ''I woulda sprayed full of lead, see''. '' Right from old Betsy here''.
 Freddie opened his coat and the crowd could see long partially blackened Tommy gun, slung over his shoulder.
Detective Spice's arm shot towards his waist and brought back a small black item, that was held at arms length from his body.
''Put it down, Freddie the hat''. ''Now!''
''Don't worry, it's not loaded, see'' 
Freddie the Hat held his gun high in the air and flicked the small latch near the magazine. Click, the cartridge sprung out and bounced a few times at his feet.  

Attention turned towards detective Spice once more.
''Our second suspect is Sneaky Sean the slipperiest man alive."
Sliding and twisting his way through the upright bodies of the crowd, slippery Sean wove his way to the front of the group.
''It wasssn't meeeee'' he hissed with a sharpened voice. Squinting his eyes and looking sideways, his eyeballs quickly darted left, then right. It'sss a ssstich up!'' I've been framed.
''Quick, search him" Detective Spice commanded with an urgent voice. Before he could slide away, two strong arms shot out and grasped slippery Sean by each armpit. 
"Nothing" the the two imposing figures chanted to the anticipating crowd.

"Well..." "that leads us to our third suspect, the only other person who was near the victim"
Sugar coated Siobhan, the nicest girl in all of Auroa. When she walks flowers bloom, people smile and birds chirp. Her smile is like an angels, that blesses all who gaze upon it.
  Doubtful, chatter began to rise amongst the onlookers.

"How could he even consider the sweetest person to ever walk the earth?, someone whispered.

''No one is above suspicion, "Search her quickly!''
The two  goons, were a little unsure about grabbing her, as if somehow it would bring bad luck upon them. 
"Wait!" she said in a sugary voice and turned her bag upside down on the large table. A collection of trinkets bounced out onto the table and rattled to a standstill. Sugar plumb Siobahn's eyes suddenly widened, then returning to normal she barked, "see, nothing!"
The cluster on contents revealed themselves on the table top. A packet of tic-tacs, $40.00 in notes, a notebook, necklace and a hair brush with the plastic handle missing all lay there in a heap revealing nothing.

Hmmn we do have a problem detective Spice said suspiciously.
Who is the guilty one?

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