Friday, 30 May 2014

Weekend word problem

Mr Spice eats 2 whole pies. Freddie eats 5 half pies. Who eats more?
Draw the fractions.

Mr spice eats 8 half chocolate fingers. Finn eats 5 whole chocolate fingers. Who has more? Draw the fraction

If Mr Spice eats 2 quarters of his 24 lollies and Jade eats 2/3 her 24 lollies, who eats more? Draw the fractions or show you working.

Mr Spice has 5/8 of a chocolate bar and then eats 6/3 of another one. How many chocolate bars has he eaten.


  1. Easy:
    Freddie eats more with two and a half pies

  2. Easy:
    Freddie eats the most because he eats 2 wholes and a half.
    Finn eats more because he will eat 5 whole and Mr Spice will eat 4 wholes.
    Jade eats 16 because 24 divided by 3 = 8 which means one third of 24 is 8 so two thirds of 24 is 16
    and Mr Spice eats 12 because two quarters is the same as a half and a half of 24 is 12.
    For the last one the answer will be 2 5/8 because 6/3 is an improper fraction and is the same as 2 wholes.So the answer will be 2 5/8.

    Mackenna Room 4